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Hi all!

This is a note to tell you about our two SoundCloud profiles.

What can we say! We neglected our original SoundCloud account and the email it’s registered to no longer exists, so we can’t recover it and SoundCloud does not seem to be interested in helping with that. So it’s now orphaned, and will never be updated. It’s a snapshot of The Alice Syndrome of about 7 years ago.

We try to use our SoundCloud page to share live tracks not published anywhere else.

Here’s our new SoundCloud page:

Here’s our old, orphaned page:

The Alice Syndrome on SoundCloud

An image illustrating an article about The Alice Syndrome on SoundCloud on

Here are the links to our SoundCloud pages, our current profile, and also our old, orphaned profile we no longer have access to.

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The Alice Syndrome
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