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The Alice Syndrome – Band Biography

The Alice Syndrome is a band that blends rock, electro and darkwave influences to create a unique sound that is both catchy and haunting. The band was formed about 20 years ago, by Groovhead, a talented guitarist who wanted to experiment with different genres and styles, and George, a synth wizard who could add atmospheric layers to the songs. Together, they started writing and recording demos in their home studio, and the band has evolved since then, The current core line-up includes Groovhead, George, and Tzolkin, a bassist with a background in rock, blues, soul, folk, punk, funk, classical, pop, rockabilly ambient and psychedelic. There is also a fourth core member, Nick, who calls himself a simple sound engineer, but seems absolutely fundamental to everything we do!

Nick came to work with us on our last album – All the Second Takes. He ended up playing the bass guitar for all tracks, as well as performing miracles on the sound engineering side of things. So we kidnapped him and keep him in a box under Groovhead’s bed.

Our songs also feature the vocals of Alex and Koshka Pravda, two singers who joined us as guest performers. Alex is a soulful classical singer who adds a touch of sweetness and depth, while Koshka Pravda is a gothic vocalist who adds a touch of darkness. Our songs also feature provoking videos produced by Jim, a creative director who makes stunning visuals for our music which combine live footage and animation.

The band’s latest track, stop me but give me more, was released in 2023 and showcases the band’s signature style: a catchy chorus, a driving rhythm, and a dark twist. The lyrics explore the themes of addiction, obsession and self-destruction, while the music creates a contrast between the upbeat and the energetic melody and the sombre message.

The lyrics are honest and raw, expressing the conflicting emotions of someone who knows they are hurting themselves but can’t stop. The music is upbeat and energetic, creating a contrast with the sombre message. It’s a song that will stay with you long after you listen to it.

The Alice Syndrome’s other recent tracks include haiku priestess, death, mother, goddess and harder faster quicker now. These songs explore different aspects of the band’s musical and lyrical identity, from the existential to the erotic. The band is currently working on their latest album, which they promise will be even more diverse and daring than their last.

The Alice Syndrome is a band that is not afraid to experiment, challenge and surprise their listeners with their original and captivating sound.

We are available for gigs in 2023/24, if you are interested in having us play at your venue, you can use our contact form to get in touch. There are also contact details on our Bandcamp page.

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