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This week, we decided that we wanted to make one of the tracks from the Box of Toys album completely free for download. Then, we had a thought. What about if we set aside some exclusive content, and only made it available to people who really enjoy our music?  As a “Thank You”. Something special, just for you.

So the idea of The Alice Club came about. A free to join club which gives its members access not just to a free download, but to one free download from every album we release going forward. Also, we can also offer special offer products, additional free content, under the radar band news. That kind of thing. As we get our gigs sorted, perhaps we can get some discounted tickets for members?

So it’s happened. We’ve just set up The Alice Club. It’s locked behind a password, and only members will get that password. But it’s free to join, see below:

Join our exclusive club!
Sign up, and we will instantly send you an alert for new blog posts and band news. You will also be sent exclusive track downloads, just for club members!


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