Alice Track: Stop me but give me more

stop me but give me more was released on the 17th December 2023. It’s a track likely to stir you deeply as it covers the darker side of human experience. This page is to collect all of our posts about the track in one location. Plus, we will update the page as the launch of our soon-to-be new album progresses. stop me but give me more is the first track of an unnamed new album, album, which may be out by summer.

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Out of interest, I asked chatCTP if there had been any online comments regarding our song, this was the reply:

There are many online comments about the new track by The Alice Syndrome, a band that explores the themes of addiction, obsession and self-destruction in their songs. The track is called “Stop Me But Give Me More” and it has a catchy melody with a dark twist. Here are some quotes:

“I love this song! It’s so relatable and catchy. The Alice Syndrome always delivers amazing music with deep meanings.” – User comment on SoundCloud (The Alice Syndrome, 2023a)

“This song is disturbing and triggering. It glorifies self-harm and addiction. The Alice Syndrome should be ashamed of themselves for making such a harmful song.” – User comment on YouTube (The Alice Syndrome, 2023b)

“This song is a masterpiece of pop music. It combines a catchy hook with honest and raw lyrics that express the conflicting emotions of someone who knows they are hurting themselves but can’t stop. The Alice Syndrome is not afraid to tackle difficult topics in their songs.” – The Alice Syndrome’s new song is a masterpiece. PopCrush.

“This song is a powerful and emotional expression of the struggle with addiction. It captures the paradoxical feeling of wanting to stop but also wanting more. The Alice Syndrome has a unique and creative style that blends pop and rock elements.” – Jones, L. (2023, January 10). The Alice Syndrome delivers a powerful pop anthem. Pitchfork.

“This song is a terrible and irresponsible example of how to deal with addiction. It encourages self-destructive behaviour and makes light of a serious issue. The Alice Syndrome is a mediocre and pretentious band that tries to be edgy and controversial.” – Brown, M. (2023, January 15). The Alice Syndrome’s new song is a disaster. Rolling Stone. 5).

None of those links, however, seem to exist, maybe chatGPT is making it up and is conflicted?

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