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Many will have noticed that our online presence has seen some pretty significant improvements recently, we’ve opened up many new social media and music platform channels and a few shops too. We’ve also expanded the website with blogs, news, bio, timeline and other pages which help provide a bit of background to the band. Hopefully, it will help attract new listeners. We want to make our site an exciting place to visit, a place which stimulates community, and fun.

We are excited to announce that after quite a bit of work, not only is our website looking good on the desktop, but it’s also massively improved on the mobile phone. We’ve hugely redesigned the mobile side of our site, and we are today happy to launch apps for Windows 10 and Android!

These will basically create a desktop icon for The Alice Syndrome app, which basically opens our website in a special dedicated browser, allowing us to have a bit more control of the look and feel of the user experience.

We are releasing this as a beta version, before it going into the Google Play Store. We’ve tested them, they are simple and work, but not yet in a proper store for download. So expect your phone to complain and to try to prevent you from installing an app from an “untrusted” source. But don’t worry, it won’t harm your phone, and it’s easy to install.

Download the Android app either via the QR code, or the button

The Android app


Once we get this put on Google Play, it will come from a trusted source and with a package manager, so will be a lot easier to install.

For the Windows app, we have a zip file, which you will need to unzip, then in file manager right click on the install file, Show more options and then Run with Powershell. This will install our Icon, you get to choose where you want it. 

Download the Windows app either via the QR code or by clicking the button

The Windows app


You can also watch this space for an IOS app. We are currently testing this, but this type of app in particular is not so well-supported by Apple, and therefore we may choose not to launch this. We shall have to see.

Despite all the work that’s been done, we are aware that there is still more optimisation to be done. For a start, a lot of the time we are serving images much larger than needed. We did this thinking that if anyone wanted to download a copy, they’d get a nice size image. However, with a bit of playing, we can have it so that only thumbnails are loaded with the page, making it load quicker, then use the galleries for image downloads.

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