The Alice Syndrome: Dominating the N1M Global Other Music Chart!

Image of three musicians celebrating a dubious achievement of hitting 1, 2 and 3 in the Number one Music global top 1000 in the category of "other".

Well, welll, well,,, I seems the bots love us!

Not only have the listeners over at Number one Music given us number 1 in the global top 1000 “other” charts for stop me but give me more, but also, harder faster quicker now is at number 2, and haiku priestess is number 3!

Some would say that our tracks, “Stop Me But Give Me More,” “Harder Faster,” and “Haiku Priestess,” have captivated listeners around the world, whilst others would suggest N1M is a complete scam and it’s bots doing the listening.

Well, whatever! It’s definitely better than a kick in the face.

If you’re curious to see the chart for yourself, head over to   and witness the domination of The Alice Syndrome first-hand!

N1M, or NumberOneMusic, is a platform that allows independent artists to promote their music and connect with fans. N1M has been around since 2004, and since then, it has helped many musicians gain exposure and recognition. Some of them have even gone on to become famous bands with millions of followers and streams. Here are some examples of bands that had a profile on N1M in earlier years:

Imagine Dragons: The pop-rock band from Las Vegas started their career on N1M, where they uploaded their first EPs and gained a loyal fanbase. They later signed with a major label and became one of the most successful bands of the 2010s, with hits like “Radioactive”, “Believer” and “Thunder”.

Twenty One Pilots: The duo from Ohio also used N1M to share their music and interact with fans. They developed a unique style that blends rap, rock, pop and electronic elements. They achieved mainstream success with their fourth album, “Blurryface”, which featured songs like “Stressed Out”, “Ride” and “Heathens”.

The Lumineers: The folk-rock band from Denver began their journey on N1M, where they posted their first songs and videos. They gained popularity with their catchy and heartfelt tunes, such as “Ho Hey”, “Stubborn Love” and “Ophelia”. They have been nominated for several Grammy Awards and have sold over 10 million albums worldwide.

Being in the top three positions simultaneously is no small feat. It’s like hitting the jackpot, winning the lottery, and finding a unicorn all at once. We’re riding the wave of this achievement with a mix of excitement, humility, and a pinch of disbelief. Who would have thought that our music would resonate with so many people?

For those who may not be familiar with The Alice Syndrome, let us introduce ourselves. We are a band that thrives on pushing boundaries, defying genres, and creating music that speaks to the soul. Our tracks are a fusion of raw emotions, thought-provoking lyrics, and melodies that transport you to another dimension.

We owe this achievement to our incredible fans who have supported us from the beginning. Your unwavering love and dedication have propelled us to new heights. We are eternally grateful for your belief in our music and for being the wind beneath our wings.

So, join us in celebrating this milestone as we revel in the joy of conquering the N1M Global Other music chart. We invite you to listen to our tracks, immerse yourself in our world, and become a part of The Alice Syndrome family.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. The best is yet to come!

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