All praise the N1M bots!

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We contacted six “fans” at N1M, who had sent us well constructed messages of support, and offered them free stuff. To see if those guys were actually real. None of them responded. We therefore tend to agree that N1M is probably a complete scam.

Having said that, it’s not costing us anything being there really, we just play the game of recommending other content to our “fan’s” and for this reason, this means we can announce the following:

1. We have now been number one, in the N1M Global and National “Other” chart, for six months without a break.

2. For the majority of that six months, we have also occupied the number 2,3, and 4 positions.

3. This week, we climbed to number 9 on the global chart for all genres. Meaning we are the ninth most popular band on the entire platform!

Whilst clearly, fame and fortune has never been our aim with the band. At the same time, it’s nice to have some form of recognition for our music, even if it is some strange manipulated Bot chart.

We do, however, also see that a lot of the plays we are getting, seem to be coming from Facebook shares, so there is some potential that we are still getting some exposure to real people, so there may be some wider benefit than simply showing ourselves to be one of the Bot’s favourites 🙂

We also note that we have actually made this offer of free stuff to everyone on our Facebook pages and website, via The Alice Club, and those have also not responded in the main. So, maybe there are other reasons why no-one wants free exclusive music from us? Perhaps there is a lack of trust in giving us their email address? But that would be incongruent really, given we are all on Facebook and totally know what is happening to our data!

Yesterday, the band had a complete drains-up on our motivations for being in the band, and what our strategy is moving forward. We came up with the following statements:

  1. We would rather spend the rest of our lives, playing to audiences of 100 people who actually like us, than audiences of 10,000 “Bots”, who are only there because they think it makes them look cool, who like us as a status symbol, yet ignore what we have got to say.
  2. We believe our latest music to be the best we have ever done, and there is a desire to try to reach a wider audience with it.
  3. We are going to expand the range of benefits available to Alice Club members. The Alice Club will never become a pay-for option, and those benefits will not come with commercial strings. The Alice Club is purely our way of saying thanks, and of trying to help us all find a community with like-minded others.
  4. Our top priority is the quality of our live act, we will drop anything that gets in the way of this.
  5. For the August gigs we will introduce a new, currently unreleased track, and for Northern Green we will have our own projections.


That is all, for now. We hope you all have a great day!

The Alice Syndrome


    • Fay Cronin on June 27, 2024 at 2:09 pm
    • Reply

    I’ve shared battle for my soul on facebook but I never saw the post about freebies, so maybe not all fans are seeing your posts that does happen alot on facebook. Also I’m proudly wearing the 2 tee shirts george graciously gave me- I love the band’s music

    1. Hi Fay,

      Here’s our post about it, the Facebook issue is exactly why we created the Alice Club, you get informed of all of our posts.

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